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Friday, August 21, 2009

blog contest

Not by me, I do plan to have one sometime in future maybe after I get 20 or more followers or visiters, but since I never really tell anyone I have a blog it would probably have very few entries LOL

Buta very generous blogger, Showing Bones is holding a contest for great vintage fat quarters! Contest ends 8-24-09! Go enter!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eva's 2nd birthday party!

I made a Dora novelty quilt for my "niece" (my cousin's youngest little girl) for her 2nd birthday on August 8. I fussy cut Dora swatches and used them in the blocks and appliqued Dora to the fleece hearts.

Here is the birthday girl making sure her daddy doesn't put his hands on HER Dora quilt! LOL

This was my first time at applique. I added more appliqued fleece flowers and hearts to the dora quilt to even out the plush softness for Eva to enjoy the tactile feel of them. The back of the quilt was a super plush soft pink fleece. It was super easy to quilt. I had fun making it!

And here she is surrounded by all her new presents (what she could fit on the couch at least). She had a LOOONG day for a 2 year old and was very sleepy.

Brandy's finished quilt

Here is Brandy's quilt, all quilted and with a light purple binding. Finished size was 102" x 90".

Brandy came up for a quick visit yesterday and I finally had a chance to give her the quilt I made for her birthday (August 3rd) . . . Yeah!

She was awesome and said she would treasure it always, it was the perfect reaction and more than I even expected. I love making quilts for family and friends, I get to see their reactions and happiness. It rocks!