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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Illusion quilt gone wrong . . .

Well I wanted to make a optical illusion quilt...but had no pattern. I looked over the web and found only a few that really appealed.  And well, really only a few examples of completed optical illusion quilts. I found a boatload of bargello, really pretty ones with great use of color and layout, but that's not really what I wanted. I wanted a trippy quilt that when I pass it by, I stop and focus on it. (By the way that's my cat, Happy...I want to believe his enthusiasm for the blocks is good thing, at least he likes them!)

I attempted to make one based on the one I saw here by this extremely talented person named Linda.

I put together some center blocks that will be a circle after I cut some edges off and planned to add outside blocks to them but my blocks are too big, and I've lost my steam mid-way through the project because my  take on the pattern isn't playing out too well in reality. I should have drawn it all out first but .... well, didn't. So here I am with blocks that may or may not work out in the long run. I keep thinking I'll just keep the ones I've made as is without further playing and just turn them into a log cabin quilt top. Am I being lazy by doing this? And really, will the ones I've made make a good quilt top? Ugh... I really need to start researching shapes before I attempt this again.

Loving Innocent Crush!

 It's not a great photo, but it shows the quilt top I will make the back for tomorrow and then get it basted and quilted.
I'm really enjoying Anna Maria Horner's line "Innocent Crush". I always adore anything that she designs but what I really like is that I think her line works with a whole range of solid colors. I have completed the quilt using almost her complete line minus a few prints that I wanted to use in another project.

I've also made more book covers, they are quick way to try out appliques and use a different medium than cotton fabric.

I have collected some great faux suede, leather, velvet and other soft fabrics that were marked "unknown" fabric that I couldn't pass up in the sale bins at fabric stores while on the hunt for quilt fabric. Just feeding my inner textile monster with new projects :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Classic vs Steampunk Bustles

I decided to delve into my current love of all things Steampunk and make a couple of tie-on bustles. The stripe one is more modern, steampunk version bustle and the other one is a more traditional burlesque / dance-hall bustle. I love how full, and flouncy the traditional lace one is, but the steampunk bustle is great because it's so light weight and easier to maneuver around in.

Which style is your favorite? Would you wear a bustle to an event/ costume party/ Re-enactment party?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another birdy baby quilt

Finished another baby quilt and listed it in my etsy shop: Elaine's Crafty Corner

I love how bright the "Chirp, Chirp" fabric is from Connecting Threads - I plan to use this fun, colorful fabric to make more items soon!

book covers

I've been making book covers! I needed some for myself, and decided to list  some in my etsy shop: Elaine's Crafty Corner ... I am currently thinking up and picking out more color/ pattern fabric and having a blast making these "mini-quilt" covers! I love books and this is just another way I can combine my love of crafting and reading ;)