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Monday, July 6, 2009

Brandy's birthday quilt started!

My SIL requested a bed quilt with Brown, Purple and Green as the main colors for her birthday on August 3rd. Here are some of the fabrics that came just in time for me to get started on it this weekend. These show salvage names... I picked an assortment, Benartex, Moda, Quilting Treasures etc...

I have made almost all the 9-patch squares (11 more to go!) this weekend.

Pic above is a few of the purple, plum, lilac and brown blocks just to see the colors together, I am making the primarily green & brown mixed ones tonight.

I plan to decide if I want all one color filler of solid Brown or light green or if I'll use scrappy fillers of all colors, OR if I have a wash of dark to light colors. I will try out variations and if I remember to take pics I will post them.


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