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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Classic vs Steampunk Bustles

I decided to delve into my current love of all things Steampunk and make a couple of tie-on bustles. The stripe one is more modern, steampunk version bustle and the other one is a more traditional burlesque / dance-hall bustle. I love how full, and flouncy the traditional lace one is, but the steampunk bustle is great because it's so light weight and easier to maneuver around in.

Which style is your favorite? Would you wear a bustle to an event/ costume party/ Re-enactment party?


  1. those are very cute! are they just layers of ruffles? do you use a pattern?

  2. Hi Kristy, I wanted to reply to your comment but you have no email listed with your blogger I am just seeing this now. I made them with no pattern, as most of stuff is just me playing around and learning trial by error. I took 3 varying lengths of fabric and just sewed the lace onto the bottom of each and then pleated the tops of the fabric and sewed them together. I was going to get the ruffles by doing a long baste stitch, but that fabric in one was too stiff and the pleating worked out really well. Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Oh! Thank you. :)

    I'll try that - I love the look of bustles, but haven't gotten around to making one yet.

    It's needlegrrl at gmail, btw!