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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Illusion quilt gone wrong . . .

Well I wanted to make a optical illusion quilt...but had no pattern. I looked over the web and found only a few that really appealed.  And well, really only a few examples of completed optical illusion quilts. I found a boatload of bargello, really pretty ones with great use of color and layout, but that's not really what I wanted. I wanted a trippy quilt that when I pass it by, I stop and focus on it. (By the way that's my cat, Happy...I want to believe his enthusiasm for the blocks is good thing, at least he likes them!)

I attempted to make one based on the one I saw here by this extremely talented person named Linda.

I put together some center blocks that will be a circle after I cut some edges off and planned to add outside blocks to them but my blocks are too big, and I've lost my steam mid-way through the project because my  take on the pattern isn't playing out too well in reality. I should have drawn it all out first but .... well, didn't. So here I am with blocks that may or may not work out in the long run. I keep thinking I'll just keep the ones I've made as is without further playing and just turn them into a log cabin quilt top. Am I being lazy by doing this? And really, will the ones I've made make a good quilt top? Ugh... I really need to start researching shapes before I attempt this again.


  1. All quilting is a learning lesson. I like the blocks. It may not be what you wanted, but, it will make a striking quilt. Just think of the quilting possibilities for it. My mind is having fun thinking about how to quilt it.

  2. First of all sorry for my english, I´m from germany!
    But perhaps I can help with a link or two ;-)

    On this website the illusion-quilt is not only shown:

    there you can get the pattern:

    although it´s russian, the pattern should be easy to understand.

    I just found it on my search of a pattern for this great quilt.

    Hope this was helpfully,