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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kaleidoscope quilt (Pink & Brown)

I saw a Kaleidoscope quilt on one of my favorite blogs, Exuberant Color, Wanda creates the most beautiful quilts and I check out her blog daily because she always shares wonderful pictures of her garden and has such a positive outlook. She was teaching a class on Kaleidoscope quilts and I fell in love with the design. AS soon as I saw her post I knew I had to try it. I had seen this block layout before, but I was looking for some inspiration on what to do with my Moda Gypsy Rose FQ's.

Here are some of my Pink/Brown blocks:

Not sure if I have the correct values of dark to light with the fabric I used, but I love the color play of the scrappy strip combo's. Hopefully there is enough value difference between the strips to make the kaleidoscope effect when the quilt is finished.

I had to make my own Kaleidoscope ruler from cardboard and that was a pain getting the correct isosceles 45degree angles and strip measurements. My blocks are each approx. 16". I intend to make a Queen size quilt, and a child's too if I have enough left over fabric. (So far I've only used the pink and brown of Gypsy rose fq, there are also Greens and purples and from my Allspice Jelly roll there are reds and robin blues) . I have tons of other fabrics to add too if I need more contrast.


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