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Thursday, June 11, 2009

sewing . . .

A contest!

I spent Tuesday and Wed night coming up with a purse for my neighbor and friend, Josie. She was with me when I put Sabi to sleep. Her favorite color is blue. But I couldn't find the right fabric in Blue in my stash so I used a dark steel gray blue as my pop fabric that alsoappears throughout the rusty red/orange floral pattern that comprises the main body of the purse. I attempted to add pleats, but forgot to pleat the interfacing too so even though I pressed them in the fabric and pinned them in place, they sort of flattened out. Oh well live and learn. I had no pattern it was just trial and error. But I love my little hand sewn 1" button !! I think that gives purse a lot of character ;)

Measurements: top opening 10 1/2" acrosst; bottom widest width13 1/2" across. Height is 11 1/2". The straps are 10", perfect hobo length IMO. I

I hope Jo likes it!

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  1. Hi, I just hopped over here from Anna's blog and if I were your friend I would be so grateful to have had something like that purse made for me. I hope she liked it :).