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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giveaway WINNERS!

Oh wow 790 people entered total! I have to say you guys are wonderful...thank you for all your comments. I know you all just want to see who won, so here are the 3 different winners picked using Random Number Generator:

Winner #1 is Comment #128 made by : NinjaEema said...
All the prizes are awesome, but I really love the colors in the second pack. Thanks.

Winner #2 is Comment # 494 made by saywhatsewwhat said... 
Those are absolutely beautiful fabrics! Thank you for hosting a giveaway.

Winner #3 is Comment#62 made by: Karen P. said...
Love the christmas charm packs!

Winner #1 NinjaEema will receive the FQ pack of Freespirit fabrics

Winner #2 Saywhatsewwhat will receive the Pink & Grey Layercake fabrics

Winner #3 Karen P. will receive the Christmas charm packs

Thank you everyone for participating in my SMS giveaway! I have contacted the winners. If for any reason I don't hear from any of the winners by Monday, I will re-pick and notify the follow up winners. This was a wonderful experience for me and I really wish I had gifts for everyone! For everyone that decided to follow my blog, I plan to begin posting about my ongoing projects more regularly. ;)


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