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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Storm at Sea Queen size quilt

I am almost finished with a bed quilt using the "Storm at Sea" pattern as the center of the quilt. I started making the quilt blocks in Jan 2010, for a male friend who's birthday was in Februray. His favorite color is green so I was stoked to get it made.... I think I made 4 blocks before I got frustrated with my hand-made templates and put it away for a another day. Fast forward to October 2010... I found the blocks and fabric to finish it while unpacking yet another moving box of undiscovered items. (oh the joys of moving in a rush)

And here is my current progress:

I am hoping to either make it a X-mas present or if things are too hectic a 2011 B-day gift (belated 2010, not that he'll know lol)


  1. Stunning! Green is my favorite color, too:)

  2. Really neat! I'm making one in blue, but I'm kind of sad I didn't make it green like this! So pretty!