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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Other people's Generosity

 Isn't this fabric by Lecien just so pretty! Well Retro Mummy is hosting a giveaway and you could win some over here

I will post pic sof the storm at sea quilt either tomorrow or Monday.

I still need to mail x-mas cards Monday ugh, I love hearing from family and friends...but writing individual cards was beyond me this year. So I copped out and wrote my 1st newsletter-like form letter to include. It felt weird since I'm unmarried and have no kids, so I really wasn't sure what to talk about. I figured no-one would be really interested in how my 3 cats coped with a 9 hour drive on moving day, or that I found a favorite bar to hang out at when I was in the mood to get a drink with friends. So I was pretty boring and un-original and talked about local NC scenery.
But really would a snarky x-mas card be so bad? I would love to get one! If only I was daring enough to send one ... oh well there's next year ;)


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